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In this article, you will learn about:

  • How to recover the amount you are owed after winning a civil lawsuit.
  • What settlement options are available in civil litigation matters.
  • How an attorney plays a vital role in resolving civil disputes.

An Overview Of Civil Litigation And My Firm’s Approach

Civil litigation is a broad term that includes any non-criminal legal dispute. These cases may arise from matters such as breach of contract, personal injury, and more.

I represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation matters.

Most commonly, my clients are construction contractors or subcontractors. I work with these businesses to defend against a variety of civil claims.

For example, consider that a private individual sues a contractor for an on-the-job injury. I would work with that business client to defend against the claim that they are liable for the injury.

In my work with plaintiffs, I use a thoughtful approach to ensure that my clients find the outcome they need and deserve. Most recently, I took on a premises liability case. In it, I helped my clients recover damages for injuries they sustained because of a property manager’s negligence.

The lion’s share of my work in civil litigation surrounds representing defendants. In any case, I am prepared to represent clients on whichever side of a civil litigation matter they find themselves.

If I Win My Civil Case, Am I Guaranteed To Receive Financial Damages?

In almost every situation, the successful end of a civil suit results in damages paid to the plaintiff. This is because cases are won when the plaintiff proves that they have sustained damages. The “prize” is a financial award in an amount that will make you whole for your losses.

While there is no unilateral guarantee that you will receive financial damages, it is common in most cases of this nature.

It is important to note: Collecting the damages you have been awarded is an entirely separate process from a civil lawsuit. If someone is insolvent, they may be able to file for bankruptcy after they’ve been sued. After a bankruptcy is filed, it can be incredibly difficult to collect the damages you are owed. Because of this, it’s crucial to have legal counsel with expertise in all aspects of the law.

Can Civil Cases Be Settled At Any Point During The Case?

The majority of civil cases end in settlement prior to trial. In fact, over 90% of civil cases end in settlement.

The court encourages settlement opportunities at any point in a civil case. This includes at any stage of litigation — before or during a trial.

It’s the truth that settlements often provide faster and more ideal outcomes for both parties involved. Therefore, it’s typically best to work with your attorney to keep this option open whenever possible.

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