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The Law Office of Adrienne Starling Moore, PLLC in Southaven, Mississippi offers comprehensive legal advice and counsel. If you have encountered a legal issue, The Law Office of Adrienne Starling Moore will work with you to give you the best legal representation that you can find in Mississippi and Tennessee. Our office has earned a reputation for uniquely creative litigation strategies and achieving exceptional results for our clients. With a decade of experience, we are well-versed in a wide range of law. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best in the law business.

At The Law Office of Adrienne Starling Moore, PLLC, we believe in delivering the best quality services to our clients. Our office concentrates on specializing in the following areas of law with focused and professional expertise in the states of Mississippi and Tennessee. Read More

Immigration Law - Immigration Lawyer Attorney - Southaven, MS

An Immigration Lawyer works within this system of rules put into place by the federal government. Immigration law guides who is allowed to enter the United States of America and how long they are allowed to remain in the country. Additionally, the naturalization process for people who would like to become U.S. citizens falls under immigration law. Lastly, immigration law controls the detention and removal proceedings when foreign nationals enter the U.S. without permission, overstay their visit visa, or lose immigration status for some other reason. People who feel they might have immigration legal issues should hire a US Immigration Attorney. We can assist you with the following common immigration law issues:

  • Visa applications
  • Green cards
  • Citizenship
  • Naturalization
  • Deportation
  • Noncitizen employment
There are some times when hiring an Immigration Lawyer is absolutely necessary:
  • You are convicted of a crime. If the immigrant has been convicted of a crime, they must disclose the information on the application.
  • Your application is denied. An experienced attorney can determine why the application was denied and if an appeal can be done or whether to reapply.
  • You have been deported previously. A lawyer can help decide if you might be permanently banned and advise you with the best course of action.
  • You have a medical condition. An immigration lawyer will help you decide if your condition causes ineligibility for entry into the United States.
  • You have been waiting for an unreasonable amount of time. If your application is taking too long to process, an experienced attorney might be able to expedite the process.
  • Your employer is not helping. If you are applying for an employment-based visa and your employer is not helping with any issues during the process, a lawyer can help.
  • Your marriage has legally ended. If you are married to a United States citizen but the marriage ended before you got your permanent resident status, a lawyer might help you prove that the marriage was not fraudulent.
  • You recently divorced and then married a different United States citizen. An immigration attorney can help prove that your first marriage was not fraudulent.
  • You are under the age of 21 years old.
If you live in Mississippi or Tennessee near Southaven, Mississippi and need advice from the Best Lawyer For Immigration, The Law Office of Adrienne Starling Moore, PLLC will work to resolve any immigration legal issues you might have. Call (662) 510-8044 for a consultation. Read More

Criminal Law - Criminal Defense Attorney - Southaven, MS

Criminal law is a system of laws under which the government decides whether a person will be punished. A crime is defined as any act or omission in violation of a law prohibiting that act or omission. Every state has its own criminal codes, while there are also federal criminal laws across the US.

In order for a person to have committed a crime, they must fulfill every element of an offense. Each statute establishes the elements of the offense. Each crime has three elements: the act or conduct, the person’s mental state at the time of the act or conduct, and the causation between the act and effect. The burden of proof in criminal cases is on the government. Crimes are usually separated into four categories: felonies, misdemeanors, inchoate offenses, and strict liability offenses. If you live in Mississippi or Tennessee near Southaven, Mississippi and need to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer, The Law Office of Adrienne Starling Moore, PLLC will provide the best representation in order to mitigate your consequences. Call (662) 510-8044 for a consultation. Read More

Civil Litigation - Civil Litigation Attorney - Southaven, MS

Civil litigation applies to any legal dispute in which two or more parties seek to recover monetary damages or a specific performance. Civil litigation does not include any criminal law charges. While not all cases go to trial, some do go before a judge, who determines the outcome. Broadly speaking, the term civil litigation applies to any legal proceeding not involving criminal charges.

The most common civil disputes are:
  • Real estate disputes
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Construction liability
  • Divorce
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Anti-trust litigation
Located in Southaven, Mississippi, The Law Office of Adrienne Starling Moore, PLLC will provide the best Civil Litigation around Mississippi and Tennessee. If you are in need of a Civil Litigation Attorney, call (662) 510-8044 for a consultation. Read More

Probate and Estate - Probate and Estate Attorney - Southaven, MS

The assets and liabilities a person leaves behind after death are all a part of that person’s estate. Because each state has its own set of probate laws, each state’s probate court system oversees the process of closing the deceased’s estate. This means that a Probate Lawyer mostly focuses on what happens after someone dies, by administering the estate plan and representing the family in probate court. An Estate Planning Lawyer works with people before they die to create a plan for distribution of assets upon death or incapacity.

While each probate estate is different. There are steps that most cases do follow:
  • There is a petition that is filed with the probate court.
  • The beneficiaries and other stakeholders are given notice.
  • The petition will determine the executor of the will, if there is one. If there is no will, an administrator will be appointed.
  • The executor/administrator might need to file an inventory and appraisal of assets in the estate.
  • The executor/administrator will pay the debts of the deceased to creditors out of the assets.
  • Some estate assets might be sold, that is the wish of the deceased/family.
  • If there are estate taxes that are owed, the executor/administrator will pay that.
  • Any remaining assets in the estate are then distributed to the named beneficiaries.
The Law Office of Adrienne Starling Moore, PLLC, located in Southaven, Mississippi will help you and your family with any probate and estate administration questions that you might have. Our expert lawyers serve Mississippi and Tennessee, so call (662) 510-8044 for a consultation. Read More

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