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Profound Expertise In Representing Immigrant Families And Individuals Lawyer, Southaven CityMy legal journey in immigration law spans over a decade. Primarily, I specialize in family-based immigration, though my caseload has also included a diverse range of other types. Among the cases I frequently handle, one can find:

  • Spouses petitioning for each other,
  • Children petitioning for their parents,
  • Parents petitioning for their children,
  • And more…

My vast experience also covers removal proceedings under the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, which inherently pose considerable challenges.

The Uphill Battle Of Removal Proceedings

I have witnessed varying degrees of success in these court proceedings. Being a part of the court system typically implies being at a disadvantage due to the circumstances that lead to it, such as visa-related issues at the border or serious criminal accusations. It is certainly challenging when the relief sought is denied, which unfortunately occurs more often than not.

Despite the challenges posed by removal proceedings, there’s immense satisfaction to be found in family-based immigration cases. Unlike removal cases, family-based immigration matters typically involve a stronger position for the applicants. While occasional hiccups, like lost documents or swift postal services, can pose minor challenges, the rewards far outweigh them. The joy and satisfaction derived from witnessing citizenship applications succeed and attending the subsequent swearing-in ceremonies are among the most gratifying aspects of my practice.

The Driving Force Behind Practicing Immigration Law

The pursuit of immigration law is fueled by its diversity and challenges. More importantly, it is the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams and strive for better lives that brings immense satisfaction. Assisting those in need and contributing to the realization of their ambitions and aspirations is incredibly rewarding.

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